5 delicious (and easy) vegan recipes for your family

With more people than ever before eating Vegan food and wanting to live a more plant-based lifestyle, each week we share our latest recipe from Stem & Glory, including.

Vegan ‘Egg’ Mayo Sandwiches Combining smoked tofu, vegan mayo, and engevita flakes, layered generously between soft bread. 

The ‘VLT’ On the menu at Stem & Glory Cambridge for years, this alternative to a BLT is an absolute winner! Using super thin and crispy tempeh bacon, combined with just the right amount of mayo to make it sing. 

Czech Potato Salad From a genuine Czech chef and incorporating diced root vegetables, peas, and gherkins, this is much more interesting than your usual potato salad. 

Vegan ‘Quiche’ The combination of slightly caramelised leeks with tofu, cooked in a vegan ‘custard’, makes this works fabulously on a picnic – especially with a spoonful of a pickle. 

Red Pepper Dip A sweet and smoky dip, perfect as a dip with crudites or simply served on the side with just about anything!  

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