FREE FAMILY FRIENDLY DAY IN LEEDS: Festive activities at Leeds Corn Exchange

FREE FAMILY FRIENDLY DAY IN LEEDS: Festive activities at Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Corn Exchange have joined forces to host a free family friendly takeover day.

Running on Saturday December 15, the takeover will see the Corn Exchange filled with free activities and workshops for young people aged 5 – 16 and their families.

The packed programme of free events will include story dens, festive choirs and singing groups, craft activities and workshops, all inspired by Leeds Playhouse’s current yuletide offering A Christmas Carol, playing now in the Playhouse’s Pop-Up theatre. The day will be delivered by the theatre’s award-winning Creative Engagement programme. There will also be an exciting opportunity to dress up as your favourite character in a pop-up photo booth, with beautiful outfits from the theatre’s Costume Hire.

Seb Smallwood as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Photography by Andrew Billington (2)

Leeds Playhouse’s Head of Young People Gaby Paradis said: “This is the first collaboration between the two Leeds organisations and we are thrilled that this free family friendly day will happen in the iconic surroundings of the Corn Exchange – it will be fantastic to see the inspiring venue filled with amazing activities the whole family can get involved in. At Leeds Playhouse we aim to make theatre as exciting and as accessible as possible and being able to host the event in the centre of Leeds and in partnership with the Corn Exchange demonstrates our commitment to opening up creative possibilities for everyone whilst showcasing some of the fantastic organisations within the city.”

Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Corn Exchange Takeover. Photography by Anthony Robling (2)

Leeds Corn Exchange Centre Manager Adam Warner said: “We’re really excited to welcome Leeds Playhouse to Leeds Corn Exchange on the 15th December. It’s really important for us to create valuable relationships with key city centre partners and we feel that this partnership is a perfect fit. Leeds Corn Exchange has long been a hub of creative activity in the city and we are looking forward to welcoming their team for a unique day of workshops, live music, performances and more.”

Leeds Playhouse offers a regular dedicated programme of work for young people aged 5 – 25 consisting of creative projects, workshops and productions. Over 350 young people take part in Playhouse Youth activities each week both within the theatre building and its dedicated creative space for young people, First Floor.

Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Corn Exchange Takeover. Photography by Anthony Robling (4)

Free Festive Takeover Day, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR

Sat 15 Dec, 10am – 6pm

BUTTERFLIES AT SHEFFIELD THEATRES: A play about feeling butterflies in your stomach: Review

BUTTERFLIES AT SHEFFIELD THEATRES: A play about feeling butterflies in your stomach: Review

Three friends embark on an exciting adventure to chase their butterflies away. They cross new seas to uncharted lands on a journey filled with discovery. The only trouble is they’re all a bit worried about it!

During their voyage the group ride the waves, walk high bridges, skirt deep caves and climb to the sky, before reaching dry land braver than ever before.

An uplifting tale of friendship, courage and facing your fears.

butterflies hsow at the studio sheffield theatres

My daughters and I were invited to The Crucible’s studio theatre to review a show called Butterflies by Tangled Feet and Half Moon.

I had wrongly assumed it would be a show all about butterflies that fly and there would be lots of characters acting as butterflies. But instead what we discovered was a much deeper show about what it feels like to be worried and having butterflies in your belly.

Helping children understand worry through drama

The show was simple in its setting with a stage made up of material and rope, not your normal colourful children’s set. But that didn’t matter as the simplicity allowed for the real values of the production to shine – the tale about the importance of friendship and courage.

It was a great piece of physical theatre with the character capturing the audience’s imagination through their brilliant acting and clever interaction.

Overcoming the butterflies in your belly

I think all too often we teach children about their physical health when their mental health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked. So butterflies in your stomach is a great way to describe and demonstrate what feeling worried can feel like.

The show is suitable for ages 3 – 8 and even my lively three-year-old Arianna sat and was engulfed into the world of proper good theatre, how it should be.

The End

The result of this slick 45 minute performance was incredible when Arianna turned to me and said: “I felt butterflies in my belly when I got a letter about starting school. I want my friends at nursery to go to the same school as me.”

Somehow, the show had managed to explain a complex feeling to my young daughter and enabled her to express her feelings.

To finish off a lovely show inside the intimate studio theatre, the characters handed out butterflies to all the audience as it was their last show that weekend.


Bah Humbug! A Christmas Carol at Leeds Playhouse’s pop-up theatre – Review

Bah Humbug! A Christmas Carol at Leeds Playhouse’s pop-up theatre – Review

By Blog Up North’s Gemma Whelan, a freelance drama practitioner.

The Leeds Playhouse Pop-Up theatre is delightfully intimate and a perfect performance space for this beloved classic. Our adventure begins as we locate this tucked away gem, when we discovered the entrance we were immediately transported on to a Dickensian street. The smell of mulled wine filled the air, and the audience hustled and bustled on the cobbled street or found a quaint little corner to sit in. On entering the theatre itself I was enchanted; The set design, lighting and costume were magical. As I sat in expectation for the performance to begin I realised I was a little nervous; like many of us, this story holds a special place in my heart and I am protective of it. However, the story was placed in very safe hands. Deborah McAndrew’s northern adaptation did us proud.

Robert Pickavance as Ebenezer Scrooge with the company of A Christmas Carol. Photography by Andrew Billington (2)

The stage opens in song as our vibrant ensemble bring the victorian setting to life. This talented  chorus seamlessly morph from character to character as they weave the tapestry of the story. Throughout this telling there is a dark undertone, the fragility of life is never far away and the impish chorus of spirits are a reminder of the ever present afterlife. However, the excellent  performances of Hull truck theatre and Amy Leach’s direction, meant that laughter, joy and hope are also ever present. In one moment we might be in the otherworldly enchantment of the ethereal ghost of Christmas past, in the next the tenderness of the Cratchit home, and in the next being entertained in musical hall style by the fabulous ghost of Christmas present.

Robert Pickavance as Ebenezer Scrooge and Lipalo Mokete as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Photography by Andrew Billington

This enchanting, funny and musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol cannot fail to get you in the Christmas spirit.
The official Low-Down 

The production’s Tiny Tims are played by young local actors Lipalo Mokete from Leeds and Seb Smallwood from Harrogate. Cast following an open call-out in September which saw over 50 young people audition for the role, Lipalo and Seb have spent their half terms rehearsing with cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Robert Pickavance (Europe, Leeds Playhouse).

The full company are made up of the Leeds Playhouse Ensemble with Bob Cratchit being played by Darren Kuppan (Morocco in Europe, Leeds Playhouse) and Mrs Cratchit played by Jo Mousley (Katia in Europe, Leeds Playhouse).
Taking us through Scrooge’s dreams are the ghosts of Christmas Past and Present, played by Tessa Parr (Adele in Europe, Leeds Playhouse) and Elexi Walker (Airplays, Leeds Playhouse and BBC Radio Leeds) respectively.Joining them are Joe Alessi (Fret in Europe, Leeds Playhouse) who plays the infamous tormented ghost Marley; Susan Twist (Airplays, Leeds Playhouse and BBC Radio Leeds) as Mrs Fezziwig; and Dan Parr (Berlin in Europe, Leeds Playhouse) as Fred.

A Christmas Carol is adapted by award-winning, West Yorkshire born playwright Deborah McAndrew, directed by Leeds Playhouse’s Associate Director Amy Leach (RoadRomeo & JulietKesThe Night Before Christmas, Leeds Playhouse) and designed by award-winning Hayley Grindle (RoadRomeo & Juliet, Leeds Playhouse).
​ A Christmas Carol is a Leeds Playhouse production in association with Hull Truck Theatre.

A Christmas Carol, Leeds Playhouse Pop-Up theatre
Tue 20 Nov – Sat 19 Jan, Press Night Fri 23 Nov, 7pm
Box office 0113 213 7700. Book online

A NIGHT OUT WITH KIDS – Our review of Turtle Bay Kids Menu

A NIGHT OUT WITH KIDS – Our review of Turtle Bay Kids Menu

I recently reviewed Turtle Bay with a group of friends – it was all about sharing platters, cocktails, excellent service and a lively ambience, so when I was invited again this time to bring my children along to try the revamped kids menu, I was intrigued as to how a night at Turtle Bay would fare… with little ones in tow!

We opted to go to our nearest Turtle Bay again which is in Leeds but there are a number of the Caribbean Restaurant cum bar chains across the UK.

My first experience of Turtle Bay was having a take-away from the Bristol branch when I was heavily pregnant and on a BBC training course down south. It was the perfect pick-me-up as I love spicy comfort food.

So it was interesting to take my babies this time (now aged three and six-years-old) to the restaurant inside The Light in Leeds City Centre.

Turtle Bay, Leeds, West Yorkshire

We arrived at 6.30pm and it was pretty busy as there was a show on that night at Leeds First Direct Arena.

I love the interior and the lively vibe of the place although it can be a bit loud for really little ones. Luckily for us, our two had had a power nap in the car and were ready to roll once we’d arrived. The benefit of it being loud and busy is that you don’t feel on show with noisy kids and it didn’t feel cramped.

All kids get a free starter on arrival of fresh dips and dippers which includes a vegan spread of hummus, smashed avocado, pitta bread and carrot sticks.

Unfortunately my girls wouldn’t try the spicy hummus but my three-year-old Arianna had her first taste of Avocado. She didn’t like it but I’m glad she tried it (hopefully if I introduce the Avocado Baby book at bedtime she may change her mind!).

 It’s great to see healthy kids food that challenges their palette but not too much. As the starter bites came on big plates it did look a bit sparse with only a few dippers.

My husband and I had starters too – I had succulent sweetcorn fritters in the shape of onion bhajis which I dipped into a spicy sauces on the table. My husband had chicken wings.


The kids mains also came whilst we were eating starters which was good for the hungry kids (I must say the service is very well managed at Turtle Bay in Leeds).

The Kids Menu

The menu consists of a good variety of simple and interesting dishes for kids young and old – so they can eat like adults or opt for more basic options. It was great to see Vegan options for kids too.

My six-year-old Jasmine had ordered Pizza Flat Bread and fries and Arianna had ordered a cheese burger. Sadly Jasmine refused to eat the flat bread because “it didn’t look like normal pizza,” it does state flat bread on the menu but for fussy kids that doesn’t matter! So both kids shared and enjoyed the cheese burger and fries.

For the grown-ups

For our mains I had a super-food green salad with a side of dumplings for good measure (I would have opted for the one-pot dish of Chickpea curry and rice but as I had that last time I was trying to taste something different). The dumplings took me back to my childhood when my babysitter would make us all fresh dumplings (and we would ask for them with baked beans)… ultimate comfort food!

The salad did what it said on the menu and was very green so I was glad it came with toppings – I opted for the Caribbean inspired hummus which was delicious and I added a heavy dose of spicy sauce myself as I like a bit of a kick.

My husband Chris had a one-pot prawn curry which he enjoyed although it was a challenge peeling all the shells off the prawns. Like me, Chris loves spice so he too made the most of the sauces on the table.

Cocktails and Mocktails

Meanwhile the girls ordered frozen mocktails so they felt very grown up and loved the colourful drinks that were presented to them. Chris and I had our own adult cocktails as he was driving and I don’t drink… whether you love a cocktail or a cocktail this is the place to come for one. 


Whilst Chris and I were finishing off our mains, the girls ordered their desserts of Chocolate Brownie and a fruit salad.

Jasmine obviously loved her decadent caramel chocolate brownie and ice cream (she wouldn’t share any!). And Arianna who had surprisingly gone for the melon and mango fruit salad, ate all the melon up but left the mango as it tasted a bit off.

As it was a school night us adults restrained ourselves from having a pudding so that we could get the kids in bed for a decent time.

The Verdict

I think Turtle Bay is a great place for older kids and mine were just old enough to mostly enjoy the experience. It’s always hard to get the balance when it comes to a kids offering in a bar/restaurant. I think the menu is spot on for kids allowing for all different tastes. It would be great to see some kids sharing platters containing a mixture of simple and exciting things to try and challenge them to experiment (but with the back up of plain food too!).

All in all, it was a lovely night with great ambience and staff were attentive and there were many nice touches such as staff giving the girls crayons to colour in with and a set of dominoes during the meal, so we could have a fun family meal together without any screens being involved! It’s the little gestures when your dining as a family that mean a lot.


Wish Upon a Star & Santa’s Grotto Christmas Experience at Meadowhall, Sheffield – Review

Wish Upon a Star & Santa’s Grotto Christmas Experience at Meadowhall, Sheffield – Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were invited to experience Meadowhall’s new interactive Christmas experience. But my fears of dragging two small children through a packed-out shopping centre were quickly allayed when I realised that the Wish upon a Star with Santa attraction is perfectly placed outside the entrance to the Oasis food court in its own pop-up tent.

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A quick post tonight as I’ve taken my sleeping pills so could 😴😴😴 at any moment… but here’s our annual family photo proving @allhalechris is real albeit a bit hairy but that’s all for a good cause @movember #movember (We all need some sun too) 😂😂😂 Anyway, what do you wish for this #festive season? I’d love more #familytime and to see my big sis @gemmaslack in #NewYork or better still to be able to get her to me in #Yorkshire ❤️❤️❤️ We took this photo after reviewing an awesome interactive & immersive theatre experience & Santa’s grotto @lovemeadowhall with @tripswithatot & @manversusbaby (sorry Matt there’s a corker of a photo of you!) 🤳🤳🤳 Anyhow full review coming soon on one of our new sites #meadowhall #santasgrotto #wishuponastar #christmas #familyyorkshire #mhxmasgrotto #lucrepr #snaphappybritmums #christmasdecorations #christmaswishlist #christmaswishlist2018

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As we entered the white marquee not only was I please to find that it was warm and cosy, but we were greeted by a very friendly character from the Christmas experience.

Once inside the themed tent we were immersed in a Christmas inspired theatrical production. This marked the start of our Wish upon a Star journey.

wish upon a star Christmas experience Meadowhall sheffield immersive theatre

My family, fellow bloggers Trips with a Tot and Man Vs Baby and I, were introduced to the story behind Wish upon a Star.

All our children eagerly watched on as they were transported into a magical world of wishes. They were led into the first room and welcomed by the next character who introduced a short film about making wishes. So, we all sat on little logs and put on star themed headsets.

wish upon a star Christmas experience Meadowhall sheffield  Santas grotto

We watched a short film before being guided into the next part of the story.

At this point I felt as if I had been transported into a magical set from CBeebies. Next was a male character with a telescope and he too told the next part of the story. All the children were then invited to truly experience the magic and look at the stars through the telescope.

wish upon a star Christmas experience Meadowhall sheffield

After that we were led into a workshop room to make our own stars to wish on. Another character led this part of the journey. The children were all seated around a wooden table as they decorated their own stars to hang on the Christmas tree and to use to make wishes.

Whilst the children were busy making their own sparkling stars we were then invited into a magic room. Inside this room was Santa himself who greeted my family and I. Santa told us about the true meaning of Christmas and asked Jasmine and Arianna to make a wish for someone else.

This was a really nice touch rather than just them receiving presents. They struggled to think of someone other than themselves at first but once they thought of their Auntie Gemma in New York for me the true magic then happened as I realised that Jasmine was really missing seeing her auntie at Christmas.

After they had made wishes and we had had a family photo the girls were then treated to a gift each from Santa.

That was the end of our experience and we were given a print of our family photo with Santa and you can also buy a range of bespoke products.

The Wish upon a Star experience with Santa lasted around 30 minutes which was the perfect length of time for my young daughters aged three and six years old.


It was a really enjoyable experience for the whole family and it was one of the best Santa experiences we have been to. I particularly loved the characters who put the children at ease and made the whole experience extremely magical.

For me, it was great to have a Christmas adventure which was about wishes rather than gifts because a wish can be for something much more wonderful than any material thing and, most importantly a wish can be for somebody else.

So, forget the gift lists and make your Christmas more magical by wishing for other people and also this is a great opportunity to spend time with the family.

wish upon a star Christmas experience Meadowhall sheffield  immersive

Meadowhall’s Wish Upon a Star with Santa experience is open until Monday 24 December 2018. Sessions will run daily from 10am-5pm on week days and 9am – 5pm on weekends and Friday 21st and Monday 24th December. Accessible, quiet sessions are also scheduled on Tuesdays from 10-11am, allowing smaller groups of children to enjoy a little extra time in a calmer environment. 

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Tickets are priced at £3.00* for adults and £6.00* for children (*plus booking fee) and can only be purchased online in advance.  

Visit for more information:

DISCLAIMER: I received this experience in exchange for this review.

All views in my reviews however are my own honest experiences.

YORK MAZE: Family Day-out with rides, challenges and lots of playing in Yorkshire

YORK MAZE: Family Day-out with rides, challenges and lots of playing in Yorkshire

We enjoy going to lots of family-friendly attractions and over the years they have all gotten bigger, better and slicker. It’s great to see the rise of super-farms and businesses booming but sometimes everything feels a bit ‘too’ comfortable for the kids. There’s not a lot of exploratory play. It’s just handed to them on a plate (or screen).

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing I love more than being indoors, cosy and with a good cup of coffee. But it’s important to let kids be kids and that’s what York Maze does right.

Europe’s Largest Maize Maze – York Maze

After chatting to York Maze online, we were invited to go review the place. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of the Yorkshire attraction, so I was excited to give it a try this half-term.

As we went the day after Halloween, it was all Halloween themed but hopefully this review will help you regardless of what season you visit the maze.

larege real pumpkin halloween york maze

Entering York Maze

Once we had entered through the wooden building we were immersed in smoke to start off our Halloween adventure.

When we had passed the smoke machines, we were then into the ranch-style courtyard where there’s a cafe, toilets, wooden play area and even a pumpkin slingshot. (I imagine it’s themed differently depending what season you visit).

york maze map yorkshire

We popped in first to a mini Halloween panto, set inside a barn.

halloween panto at york maze

Then we spotted the sign for Pumpkin Carving and went that way as we weren’t sure how to get into the maze (yes we’re that bad at directions- we that we had gotten lost before we even got to the maze).

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Carving

Inside the tent you could do pumpkin carving, there was a mini pumpkin show as well as the chance to watch a professional carving a pumpkin.

Out of the back of the tent was a mini field of pumpkins, including the largest real pumpkin I have ever seen! (In fact Farmer Tom from York Maze sailed down the River Ouse in that Pumpkin! You’ve got to love the Yorkshire spirit!).

After some photos with the pumpkins and the opportunity to pick our own, we decided to head for the maze after we had worked out that you go along a little path to the entrance.

york maze carving pumpkin

Exploring the Maze

As it’s a farm the maze can be muddy and uneven, so wear wellies or walking shoes if possible. The children enjoyed finding each station where you can use a stencil to draw on your map. A-maze-ingly we didn’t get too lost! But we had fun finding our way around and trying to keep up with the kids! The girls were chuffed to get their sticker on completion.

yoprkshire families york maze

Awesome Corn Snake Tower Slides

Next up, my daughters and I went on one of the high slides in a brown bag. There wasn’t much of a queue so we managed to get on fairly quick.  

It was really fun! We could have gone on a drop slide but the girls wanted to go on the slower “wavy one.”

Pumpkin Slingshot

My mum then wanted a go on the Pumpkin slingshot where you sling pumpkin/balls and try and get them in baskets to win a badge (all free). So my mum and the girls had fun on that and luckily both daughters won a badge!

Jumping Pillow, Volcorno, Climbing Zone and Sand & Water Play

We had only given ourselves a few hours at York Maze but we quickly realised we could have spent most of the day there. We didn’t get chance to go to the Scarecrow Centre, Painting Mural, Remote Control Boats, Witch’s Grotto, Face Painting  or Mini Mazes. As the girls wanted to go and bounce on the large pillow. We were lucky as there wasn’t much of a queue to get on and the girls had a blast bouncing around. They then each selected their last activity.

york maze maize

Avid climber Jasmine wanted to boulder up the Volcorno Slide and Arianna was a bit young for that, she went in the Climbing Zone and Sand & Water Play.

It’s great that the kids get to be so active and get a bit muddy too… How children should be!

As it was getting dark, we made our way out this time via the shop, The Ivy Store.

Before entering the car park, we bumped into the corn mascots which topped off a fun-filled afternoon for the kids.

corn mascot york maze halloween


THE STAR INN THE CITY: Testing out the kids menu and restaurant – Review

THE STAR INN THE CITY: Testing out the kids menu and restaurant – Review

I am married to a chef who loves nothing more than eating out at nice restaurants  but since having children, it has been extremely difficult to find somewhere family-friendly with good food.

We either end up in a sub-standard pub with a play area and microwave-style grub or at a decent restaurant with everyone glaring at our kids who are inevitably making noise.

And just to make it that bit harder, I am a Vegan! So trying to cater for all our needs is challenging to say the least.

As I said, when we have taken the children to nice restaurants, we end up feeling so uncomfortable that we can’t enjoy the food. People judge families who shove a screen in front of their child’s face, but until you’ve been in the situation of getting angry stares because kids (naturally) are wanting to move and make noise, you can’t judge.

The only time we have successfully managed to combine a family meal with amazing food is in Naples, Italy because over there it is just the norm for the whole family to eat out together even until late at night.

So when we were invited to review the new kids menu at The Star Inn The City in York, we jumped at the chance to go to a well-renowned restaurant who were putting on an event with children at the forefront!

star inn the city york yorkshire families doddl cutlery

Where is The Star Inn The City?

Set in the lush surroundings of the Museum Gardens (home to Yorkshire Museum), The Star Inn The City is right in the heart of York’s historic city centre. You can access it through the Gardens or along the river. Each entrance is as equally scenic and welcoming.

The address is The Star Inn The City, Muesum Street, York, YO1 7DR (The nearest car park is Marygate, YO30 7DT). 

star inn the city york yorkshire families river front

What’s The Star Inn the City like?

The restaurant is set in the old Engine House but it is attached to a new airy extension with windows which display the stunning backdrop in which the place is set.

The restaurant has a modern but cosy vibe. It’s definitely not stuffy fine dining but more of a brasserie-style eaterie. Adorning each table are seasonal gords and pumpkins which give a nod to the restaurant’s locally-sourced seasonal menu.

We were welcomed by staff and our hosts Kate from Avocado Events and Food Blogger Ben from York On a Fork.

Special Child-Friendly Cutlery

Kate kindly offered my youngest (aged three) Arianna a special set of child-friendly cutlery by Doddl (scroll to the bottom for a discount code). Arianna was chuffed with this fun but metal cutlery as she is normally forced to use her hands or huge adult size cutlery (nobody wants Arianna near any large sharp objects!).

doddl cutlery star inn the city york yorkshire families

Meeting the Head Chef Matt Hunter

Head Chef and Director of Operations Matt Hunter who has been at The Star Inn The City since it first opened five years ago, explained how children can order anything off the kids menu or smaller sized portions of any dish from the grown-ups menu.

He said: “We can cook to order, so everyone is catered for.”

star inn the city york yorkshire families head chef matt hunter

Matt also told us how the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks to a range of customers.

“From the man who’s saved up for months to feed his family our burgers.”

To people who like to just drop-in for lunch.

He also added that owner Andrew Pern (also owner of The Star at Harome) has six children – so children are very much a part of what they offer.

The Startlets’ Kids Menu

startlets kids menu star inn the city

As we had been invited to a special influencer event, the kids got to try and share all of the dishes on the kids menu which is named “Startlets.” (We were joined by Harrogate Mama, York Mumbler, Families Vale of York Magazine, Little Vikings, Helpful Mum, Blog Up North and myself aka Mama Mei.). 

For starters there is a selection of Prawn Cocktail, Pate and toast or Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy. My girls naturally went for the Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy which they lapped up.

Next up for mains, the table of child food testers tasted the Spaghetti Bolognese (a clear favourite), followed closely by steak and skinny fries with a mushroom and, ham, egg and chips. It was good quality kids food and thankfully, there was not a Fish Finger in sight!

For Dessert, the kids had Chocolate Brownie and berries, a Bramble Mousse with Honey and Granola alongside Lemonade Ice Cream Floats. My daughters naturally went for the Chocolate Brownie!

My children, as I predicted, wouldn’t sit through all the courses so there was a lot of moving around and playing musical chairs but nobody seemed deterred by there being active children in the restaurant.

bramble mousse star inn the city  york yorkshire families.jpg

Grown-Up Yorkshire Food

Us grown-ups were fed canapes too whilst we watched over our children. As a Vegan I enjoyed Cauliflower Tempura with Piccalilli  and cup of Miso Soup which was tasty, light and warming. Perfect for a chilly Autumnal day.

star inn the city  york yorkshire families vegan food tempura.jpg

I also enjoyed a drink off their Mocktail menu – Rhubarb Iced Tea by Taylors of Harrogate. It was super refreshing and sweet.

star inn the city  york yorkshire families rhubarb iced tea.jpg

The other adults were served a sharing platter of delicious looking canapes (normally as a Vegan I get food envy but I was perfectly satisfied with my food).

star inn the city  york yorkshire families sharing platter.jpg

The Verdict

It’s good quality British Food (which includes the kids menu) with a cosy family-friendly vibe. You can’t beat its location and there’ll be something on the menu (or bespoke) that the chefs will cook up to please anyone’s palette.

I would definitely love to return with the whole family for a delicious meal that will suit us all, from my fussy children to myself as a Vegan and,  I reckon the food will even meet my Chef husband’s high expectations.

Highly Recommended! 

PLEASE NOTE: We were invited to review and received the food and drink free-of-charge. All views are my own (with the help of my daughters). My also was reviewing the  event for Blog Up North Magazine.

Goody Bags and First Aid

Gorgeous Goody bag treats were supplied by York Gin & York Cocoa House. 

york gin york cocoa house

Plus, there was an Orange Kite First Aider on site and luckily we didn’t need to use her expertise.

Doddl Cutlery discount code: To save 10%, use the code AVOCADO10 until 30th November.